Release History of ODMS R7 Series

ODMS R7.3.0

Patch program for ODMS R7.3.0

Name Release Date Description
R730Patch0002 Jun. 12, 2020 1. Fixed the issue that the ODMS may not correctly detect the file sender information for files sent from the Olympus Dictation App.

Release Date: January 14, 2020

Item Description
New Features 1. Improved the transcription status function for DS-9500.
Specification Change 1. Condition when the Setup Wizard starts automatically in Standalone mode has been changed.
2. System Requirements have been changed.
Bug Fixes from R7.2.0 1. Fixed the issue that files may not be exported to a folder path specified from Text Correction Window.
2. Fixed the issue that the download path may not be configured correctly from DCP to the device.
3. Fixed spelling mistake for Download Manager.

* ODMS R7.3.0 includes bug fixes from R720patch0006.

ODMS R7.2.0

Patch program for ODMS R7.2.0  (* Newer Patch includes bug fixes from previous Patches)

Name Release Date Description
R720Patch0006 Aug. 26, 2019 1. Fixed the issue that WiFi file transfer from DS-9500 to a PC via Wireless Downloader may not succeed.
2. Fixed the issue that some Dragon commands are not recognized during speech recognition.
3. Fixed the issue that shortcut keys for Home, End, and Text Formatting (Bold, Italic, and Underline) do not work properly.
R720Patch0005 Jul. 9, 2019 1. Fixed the issue that the PC may fail to recognize DVRs during device connection.
2. Fixed the issue that audio files could not be exported from ODMS file menu.
R720Patch0004 Jun. 3, 2019 1. Fixed the issue that ODMS cannot find Dragon profile in some cases.
2. Fixed the issue that ODMS TM installed in Workgroup Mode cannot open the Dragon Profile when executing voice recognition.
R720Patch0003 Apr. 22, 2019 1. Fixed the bug in Patch0002.
R720Patch0002 Apr. 2, 2019 1. Fixed the issue that USB devices such as RecMic, DVR or Foot Switch may not be recognized by the application during startup.
2. Fixed the issue that USB devices such as RecMic, DVR or Foot Switch cannot be recognized in some PC environment.
R720Patch0001 Feb. 18, 2019 1. Fixed the issue that if you change the order of the header column by Drag & Drop in the list view, the change will not be saved in ODMS.
2. Fixed the icon status error for the In-line Edit function.
3. Fixed the issue for the device settings for DS-7000 and DS-3500.
4. Fixed the issue that, when you use the older generation of the Foot Switch (RS27, RS28) by USB connection, it takes time to complete the initialization. There had been cases in a Virtual Environment where you cannot login since the confirmation of connection had been taking time.

Release Date: October 15, 2018

Item Description
New Features -
Bug Fixes from R7.1.0 1. Fix the issue that TM fails to send/receive emails for testing during WEB Mail setting, if only the TM is installed on the PC.
2. Fix the issue for the SCP Client when it is used as the File Downloader.

* ODMS R7.2.0 includes bug fixes from R710patch0001.

ODMS R7.1.0

Patch program for ODMS R7.1.0

Name Release Date Description
R710Patch0001 Aug. 23, 2018 1. Fix the issue that connected device disappears/reappears from ODMS R7 in Terminal Service and Citrix XenApp environment.

Release Date: August 1, 2018

Item Description
New Features 1. Support Dragon Roaming Profile during off line.
2. Notification for Speech Recognition Finished.
3. Link Backup Folder for Wireless downloader with the same folder for ODMS.
Bug Fixes from R7.0.0 1. Fixed the issue of the Setup Wizard for Folder/ E-mail Transfer.
2. Fixed the issue that the user cannot disable the dialog for Speech Recognition.
3. Changed the text in German in the Device menu in TM.
4. Corrected the text in the launcher.
5. Fixed the issue of receiving the same file twice when ODMS is set to receive Dictation Files via Outlook.
6. Fixed the issue that, the TM cannot reply using the routing function when Outlook uses Microsoft Exchange Server as the mail server.
7. Fixed the issue that ODMS had been failing to start.
8. Fixed the communication error using ODMS on XenApp virtual environment.
9. Improved the security for the password information of Wi-Fi access point.
10. Fixed the issue that ODMS suddenly stops to playback when operated by a Footswitch.

* ODMS R7.1.0 includes bug fixes from R700patch0001.

ODMS R7.0.0

Patch program for ODMS R7.0.0

Name Release Date Description
R700Patch0001 May. 23, 2018 1. Fixes an issue that ODMS R7 Opens multiple Outlook Windows.

Initial Release Date: April 2, 2018