Release History of ODMS R6.4

ODMS R6.4.0

Patch program for ODMS R6.4.0

Name Release Date Description
R640Patch0020 Feb. 4, 2019 1. Fixed the issue that if you change the order of the header column by Drag & Drop in the list view, the change will not be saved in ODMS.
R640Patch0019 Jun. 6, 2018 1. Failing to connect to SCP R7.
2. Multiple Outlook windows open when sending and receiving E-mail.
3. When a file received via E-mail is marked as "Transcription Finished", the software receives the same file again.
4. When a user using Exchange (Outlook) receives a file, it doesn't automatically reply to the destination set in ODMS.
R640Patch0018 1. Allows support of ODMS R6.4 Workgroup Users in the SCP R7.
R640Patch0016 1. Fixes an issue that the DM/TM may freeze when a DS range device is set to USB Composite Mode and the device is disconnected from a PC without using the safely remove feature.
R640Patch0012 1. Supports Dragon 15 Professional/Legal Individual.
R640Patch0011 1. Fixes an issue that DM/TM does not receive new settings from SCP.
R640Patch0010 1. Supports Dragon 14 Professional/Legal.
R640Patch0009 1. Adds support for Microsoft Office 2016.
R640Patch0008 1. Fixes an issue that recording and playback did not work correctly when mismatching microphone/speaker are detected in the virtual environment (XenApp7.6).
2. Fixes an issue that the unexpected error message displayed when DNS saves the result of adaptation in Acoustic Adaptation.
R640Patch0007 1. Fixes an issue that device recognition was very slow in the virtual environment (Citrix and Terminal services).
R640Patch0006 1. Fixes an issue that dictation files did not move from Inbox to the Adaptation data folder.
R640Patch0005 1. Fixes an issue that user profiles were broken when upgrading from R6.xx to R6.xx.
2. Adds the process not to scan the specified Outlook folders because DM/TM can not read them, otherwise unexpected errors occur.
3. Fixes an issue that DM/TM changed an e-mail status as "already read" incorrectly in IMAP connection.
R640Patch0004 1. Fixes an issue that exception errors occured in Adaptation Data.
R640Patch0003 1. Fixes an issue that playback did not work in Text Correction Window for some cases in virtual environments.
R640Patch0002 1. Adds the process to switch to an alternate API in case e-mail sending is not successful from Notes.
R640Patch0001 1. Fixes an issued that e-mail sending/receiving did not work in Outlook 2013.

Initial Release Date: July 1, 2015